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German Shepherd Dog Urn
German Shepherd Dog Urn
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These LifeCast German Shepherd sculptures urns are meticulously designed and developed to capture the spirit of your favorite pure breed dog while being both decorative and functional. These life-like sculptures will beautifully display this beloved animal while attractively accenting your home or office. They will also make wonderful German Shepherd gifts for the pet enthusiast in your life.

We call our sculpturess “sculpturns®” because they're made with a removable base that allows them to function as dog cremation urns, providing easy access and generous enclosures to serve as wonderfully distinct dog burial urns. They afford ample accommodation while safely and respectfully containing the ashes of a cherished pet. They can even be personalized by attaching the collar, license, or nametag of your special pet.


Our sculptures are hand painted, and though durable, are intended for indoor use. We’re confident our sculpturns® will provide you with a lifetime of memories and service. Your pet deserves the best! Honor them with a sculpturn®…for the rest of their life!


Available in Back/Tan, Sable, White, Black


Approximate dimensions:
17.25"L x 7.75"W x 9.5"H
Weight: 10.00 lbs.

Holds ashes up to 115lbs of live dog weight

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