2001 to 2012 (Oakville, ON)
My Buddy
This past February I had to put my dog Buddy down. Even though it was most certainly the right thing to do, it was also sad and painful to let her go.

For 11 & 1/2 years Buddy and I had shared our lives. She came to me at 8 weeks old, half lab and half pointer...she was all legs and puppy kisses. Buddy was a rescue from a puppy mill, but to be honest, she did most of the rescuing in our time together. How could I have known at the time the role she would play in my life journey? How many times would her constant presence and truly unconditional love be a source of strength and hope for me? Even the knowledge that she also needed me played a powerful role in my life.

I write this piece in memory of Buddy...you were a gift from God to me. You helped me heal and I will always love and remember you my dear, sweet friend.