2001 to 2012 (Toronto, ON)
Heart of gold
My little Yorkie with a huge heart, you will be missed. Your strength and spirit inspired me. Your kisses and love warmed my heart. Thank you for a beautiful 10 years. I am blessed to have been your Mommy. You are my gift from god, and now he has you back. I will treasure our memories and special times until we can be together again. Hugs and love to you. You are my angel.

My heart is heavy and the tears continue to flow. Wishing and hoping for the time that this gets easier. The house is empty without you...

Riley was an amazing dog who was ill all his life. He suffered from seizures and had more vet visits than I care to remember. I feel I gave him the best care and most comfortable life I could under these circumstances. I called him the million $ dog. In January he suffered a seizure that he would never recover from. It took his sight and the strength in his back legs. He became weaker with each day, losing bladder control, unable to walk more than 3 steps and the constant crying and restlessness was more than we both could bare. I am filled with guilt - although it was best for him - I hope he can forgive me. I pray he has found peace and regained health on the other side.