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Rectangular Natural Marble Urns
Rectangular Natural Marble Urns
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Handcrafted from a solid block of stone, these natural stone
cremation urns are made of materials millions of years old.
Each is finished by carefully polishing the stone to a smooth
exterior. There is a threaded plug in the bottom that is
removable so the cremains can be placed inside.
The plug can be sealed with super glue.

Choose between 6 beautiful marble finishes:

Black, Green Onyx, Beige, Gold, Earthtone, and Dark Green

Available in two sizes (see below) and six colours.
Each urn is unique and there may be
slight variations in colour because it is natural stone.

Pet Urn Sizing

Cubic Inches = 60 c.i. or 0-60 pounds (approx.)
Measurements (Outside) = 5 5/8" Wide x 4 5/8" High

Cubic Inches = 200 c.i. or 0-200 pounds (approx.)
Measurements (Outside) = 9.25" Wide x 6.75" High

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