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2008 to 2017 (Hamilton, ON)
In memory of our beautiful boy Scamp Scamp was a very special dog. He always amazed us with his intelligence and magnetic personality He was everyone’s buddy and one of a kind! Scamp passed away Feb 16th 2017 from cancer far too young. He will be forever loved and never forgotten by Stacy, Deanna and his little brother Hal🐾❤️


2002 to 2017 (Yellowknife, NT)
Words cannot express the emptiness and void space I have in my heart. I truly understand how you all feel and hope you find solace and peace in the fact that you were truly blessed to have had whatever time you did with your pet. They are always there, forever in our hearts. XO


2001 to 2016 (Ottawa, ON)
In memory of our beautiful Chloe
You may be out of our lives but you be forever in our hearts. We love you.


2006 - 2017 (Saint-Lazare, QC)
In Loving Memory of our cat Angelie. Thank you for all the years of happiness you brought us Ange, and thank you for the unconditional love you gave Kathryn right from the day we brought her home from the hospital. Kathryn is really going to miss you, but you are no longer in any pain. Goodbye.